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Are you the next hit on YouTube?

Age is more than just an aggregator! We care about growth and better results. In regard to YouTube we aim to gain more views, subscribers, engagement and revenues! For both, hits and (particularly) non-hits!

Worldwide protection

Rights Management

Manage your rights and optimize earnings across the whole of YouTube. As a YouTube Certified Partner and a Music Partner, we are able to track, monetize, and block content across the platform.


Assets we are currently protecting

Distribute your own songs

Music distribution

Distribute your songs and music videos on YouTube and other streaming platforms with your personal music partner, who will guide you through the process and offer around the clock support.


Music distributed globally


Streaming platforms

Boost your ratings

Music promotion

Gain more views and listeners across platforms with data-driven music formats, special collaborations with other artists and channels and tailor-made YouTube promotion.

AD Promotion
Connect with your fans

YouTube Channel

Create your own music channel or digital label on YouTube and build a loyal fanbase with exclusive content, such as music video’s, Q&A’s, livestreams and special performances.


Time for action, let's get creative together

Time for action, let's get creative together